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Tithing / Giving

The real question is what should you tithe and how much.  Should you tithe 10%?  Should the 10% be before or after taxes?

What does the word Tithe mean?

When used as a noun:
Sometimestithes.thetenthpart of agriculturalproduce or personalincomesetapart as an offering to God or forworks of mercy, or thesameamountregarded as an obligation or taxforthesupport of thechurch,priesthood, or thelike.anytax,levy, or thelike,especially of one-tenth.a tenthpart or anyindefinitelysmallpart of anything.

When used as a verb (used with object),tithed,tith· give or pay a tithe or tenth of (produce,money,etc.).to give or paytithes on (crops,income,etc.).to exact a tithefrom (a person,community,parish,etc.).to levy a tithe on (crops,income,etc.) When used as a verb (used without object),tithed,tith· give or pay a tithe.Here is also the origin of the word Tithe: OldEnglishteogoþa(Anglian),teoþa(WestSaxon)"tenth,"fromProto-Germanic*tegunthon,*tekhunthon.Retained in ecclesiasticalsense…

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