What will this blog be about

I am starting this blog called The Faith Bait.  Why is it called The Faith Bait?  Well, in Mark 1:17 it reads: And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

So essentially when we will be using our faith to reach others in this world and bring them to Jesus.

I will blog about whatever is on my mind, and reference everything from Scripture.  I listen to a lot of Christian artists, as well as some secular artists so some posts might reflect those with a link to the song.  Also, I read (well listen to) books, watch TV, movies, etc. and those could be some inspiration to some posts as well.

For the music, I listen to everything from Death Metal to Hip-Hop, essentially everything except for Country.  Country music is the Devil, not really because I can't find scripture on that.

 My grammer is not the best, but I will try my best.

About myself, same informtation on the About page:

Brian is a follower of Christ and is not perfect.

Brian is the owner at B-My's and also blogs about products at Honest Product Review.

Brian is not a scholar, pastor, or have any degrees in theology, or the Greek / Hebrew language, etc..  Brian is just an everyday guy, who is a Mechanical Engineer, who loves Jesus.

This blog will be about random topics that I think of.  Brian gets ideas from music, TV shows, books, etc.  Brian started this blog to help reach others, but it will help myself dive deeper into the word.

Brian reads from the English Standard Version Study Bible.